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At Dance On Pointe we pride ourselves on the young, vibrant and qualified teaching staff who combine their knowledge and experience to develop the skills of our students. Providing original and current choreography for our students, our performance routines are guaranteed to entertain crowds of all ages.

Mae Brook Ley


Jazz | Lyrical | Aerial Circus | Ballet | Tumble | Troupe

  • Diploma of Dance (Elite Performance)

  • Circus Training Australia Instructor Certification 

  • Advanced Barre Attack Instructor Certification 

  • Acrobatic Arts Contortion Workshop

  • Sydney Kings Cheer Squad

  • Pro Cheer Australia

  • Cert III Fitness 

  • Cert IV in Business Administration 

  • GIGS INCLUDE: Sydney Kings, Hordern Pavillion corperate gig, J.P Morgan, Sydney International Hockey, AFL Cheerleader, basketball cheerleader, NRL Panthers cheerleader, Luna Park, Charity Ball, Sleigh Belles, Marina Prior

  • HSC Dance, 3 callback nominations 

  • Creator of Tiny Circus preschool program

IMG_9029 2.heic

Sofia Calopedis

Aerial Circus | Tumbling | Hip Hop | Tap | Lyrical | Jazz

  • Cert IV in performing arts from Brent Street

  • Trained in all styles of dance & tumble


Elise Wilson

RAD Ballet | Lyrical | Aerial Circus | Contemporary | Barre Attack | Tumble | Troupe

  • Acrobatic Arts Instructor Certification 

  • Circus Training Australia Instructor Certification 

  • Barre Attack Instructor Certification 

  • Certificate of Ballet Teaching Studies with RAD 

  • PDHPE/ Dance teaching position at Winmalee High School

IMG_8943 3.heic

Maddison Heathcote

Beginner Pointers | Tiny Circus | Tumble | Ballet

  • Trained in all styles of dance, tumble & cheer

IMG_8966 2.HEIC

Rebekah Stubbs

Ballet | Tumble | Circus

  • Acrobatic Arts Instructor 

  • RAD Ballet Exams from Pre-primary to Advanced 1 

  • Glenwood Tap Exams levels 4-7

  • Has trained and performed in all styles including ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, contemporary, acrobatics & hip hop

IMG_9022 2.heic

Cassandra Curtis

Circus | Tumble

  • Certificate IV in performing arts at Brent Street

  • Trained in all styles of dance & tumble

IMG_9041 3.heic

Verity Hall

Aerial Circus | Tumbling | Contortion | Tap | Ballet | Jazz | Lyrical

  • Cert IV in performing arts from Brent Street 

  • RAD Ballet Exams

  • Trained in all styles of dance as well as Aerial Circus

  • Dancer for Norwegian Cruise Lines


Abbey Travers

Singing | Musical Theatre | Jazz | Tap | Beginner Pointers | Tiny Circus | Lyrical

  • Advanced Diploma of Performing Arts (ED5 International) 

  • Represented by Ryan Hall Management

  • Singer/ Dancer at luna Park Sydney 

  • Currently performing professionally across Sydney

  • Co created of Tiny Circus Program

IMG_8999 2.HEIC

Kyi-Ella Noack-Davies

Beginner Pointers | Circus | Jazz | Tumble | Tiny Circus | Lyrical

  • Completed 2 year student teacher program at Dance On Pointe 

  • RAD Ballet Exams up to Grade 8

  • Completed HSC in 2019 

  • Performed professionally with Dance On Pointe Entertainment at Sydney Running Festival and F45 Burpees to Bowties 

  • Acrobatic Arts Instructor Certification

IMG_8950 2.heic

Holly Davis


  • Completed ​Bachelor of Education (Primary) 

  • IASF Cheerleading credentials in levels 1-4 Stunt

  • IASF Cheerleading Credentials in levels 1-4 Tumble 

  • Coached AASCF National Champion Title teams in Dance & Cheer

  • Over 10 years experience in Allstar cheer & dance

IMG_9061 2.heic

Grace Lewer

Aerial Circus | Tumble | Ballet

  • Dance Apprentice Graduate

  • Trained in all styles of dance

  • F45 Burpees to Bowties


Abbie Corscadden

Aerial Circus | Contortion

  • Dance Apprentice Graduate 

  • Trained in circus, tumble & contortion

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